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Foley and Baugh offer fire risk assessments in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Norwich and Ipswich, and throughout East Anglia.

Consider this: fires wreak havoc on the UK economy year after year, costing millions and often leaving businesses struggling to recover. Yet the majority of these incidents are preventable. Understanding the specific fire risks within your premises isn’t just prudent; it’s essential for safeguarding your employees and protecting the future of your business. Based in Great Yarmouth, we offer fire risk assessments to suit businesses throughout East Anglia.

When it comes to fire safety, the buck stops with you. According to the law, your premises are your ultimate responsibility. You’re required to ensure that fire safety matters are addressed by a designated “responsible person,” who conducts a thorough assessment of fire risks and implements appropriate control measures. But this needn’t be a worry. Entrust the task to the experts, Foley and Baugh.

Consider Foley and Baugh the experts in fire risk assessments for Great Yarmouth and the eastern counties. We recognise that true fire safety involves a comprehensive approach, far beyond merely filling out a standard assessment form. A generic report won’t suffice to shield your business from fire hazards or ensure compliance with legal standards.

With Foley and Baugh, you’ll receive a tailored service that aligns precisely with your business activities and requirements. Our comprehensive fire risk assessments include a personalised report, meticulously outlining significant risks and detailing actionable steps to mitigate them, all in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Our team of fire risk assessors comprises seasoned professionals, well-versed in the intricacies of fire prevention and safety management. Rest assured, your assessment will be conducted by experts with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence.

Recognising that every property is unique, our assessors will customise their approach to suit your specific needs. Our fire risk assessment services in Great Yarmouth, Norwich Lowestoft and Ipswich and elsewhere in East Anglia are renowned for their reliability. From analysing building structures to evaluating electrical systems, from making evacuation plans to assessing fire suppression systems, our assessments leave no stone unturned. You’ll receive a comprehensive report, clearly highlighting the hazards and offering easy-to-follow recommendations for optimal safety measures.

With Foley and Baugh at your side, you needn’t about fire risk assessments. In Great Yarmouth and throughout East Anglia, business owners can relax, safe in the knowledge that their businesses and employees are well advised.

For fire risk assessments in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Norwich, Ipswich and across East Anglia, call us today on 01493 659026 or email

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Foley and Baugh offer a full face fit testing service to businesses and individuals through East Anglia from our head office in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Face fit testing is critical process for assessing the seal of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) like face masks and respirators to a users face.

Face fit testing checks for gaps between a RPE and the user's face to ensure effective filtration of airborne contaminants. Through simulated exercises, any gaps in the seal are identified, enabling adjustments or recommending alternative respiratory protective equipment to maximise user protection. Repeat testing is a must for maintaining safety standards and protecting workers in hazardous environments across all industries.

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