Face Fit Testing a self-employed sculptor

Foley and Baugh - The health and safety people

I had the delightful job of face fit testing a self-employed sculptor and artist this week; it was so good to find someone who was self employed and concerned about their own health as most of our face fit tests are carried out for companies recognising the legal requirement to do this (and, of course, wishing to protect their employees).

Face fit testing demonstrates the compatibility of a type of respirator with the wearer’s face. It is so important where exposure to hazardous substances is anticipated – this may be dusts, fumes, viruses – and the type of filter will depend on the hazard.

James, who is based in Suffolk, was concerned about his exposure to chemical fumes given off whilst he is patinating (colouring) his bronze creations with various different chemicals. He makes his work in a variety of materials, a large percentage of which is cast into bronze and his designs are fabulous! He was face fit tested for a 3M respirator with filters and, I am pleased to say, passed. James also found it useful to know how to carry out a “fit check” each time he dons the respirator and I think its fair to say he found the visit to darkest Norfolk worthwhile!

It was fascinating to talk to James about his work – you can view his pieces on the web site www.maberlyart.com