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Asbestos Awareness Training Course

The Foley and Baugh Asbestos Awareness Training Course is for businesses in Great Yarmouth and across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and the whole of East Anglia.

Asbestos Awareness Training (Half Day) Course Price: £55.00 +VAT

The half-day Asbestos Awareness Training Course takes place in Norfolk, at a venue also conveniently located for businesses based in Suffolk and elsewhere in East Anglia. Most courses are held either at our head office in Great Yarmouth or at a venue in Norwich.

Asbestos awareness training is for employees who in the course of their work could disturb the fabric of a building and expose themselves to asbestos. It’s also essential training for those who supervise or influence the work.

Our asbestos awareness training equips participants with a practical awareness of the risks of coming into contact with asbestos and materials containing it.

This short but comprehensive course looks as the critical aspects of asbestos management. Recognising asbestos, often referred to as the ‘hidden killer,’ is a primary focus, equipping participants with the knowledge required in order to identify this hazardous material effectively. We cover the health risks associated with asbestos exposure, ensuring a sound understanding of the potential consequences.

Understanding legislative requirements is paramount in asbestos management, and our course provides insights into the legal frameworks surrounding asbestos. Participants gain valuable knowledge on how to navigate and comply with relevant regulations, fostering a culture of safety and compliance within your organisation.

Dealing with asbestos is another crucial aspect of our training, outlining best practices and guidelines for safe handling and removal. Emergency procedures are explored, too, emphasising the importance of swift and effective responses to potential asbestos-related incidents. Our training equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to handle emergency situations with confidence.Practical risk assessments are also a key component of our asbestos awareness training course, preparing participants to assess and manage asbestos risks in real-world scenarios.

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To book your place on the Asbestos Awareness Training Course please call us today on 01493 659026 or email

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Are you a business based in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Norwich, Ipswich or elsewhere in the eastern counties? Our courses are open to businesses across Norfolk, Suffolk and the whole of East Anglia. If you have any questions, please call us today on 01493 659026 or email

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Course Information

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Asbestos Awareness (Half Day)

Awareness Certificate

Asbestos awareness training should be given to employees whose work could foreseeably disturb the fabric of a building and expose them to asbestos. It is also essential to employees who supervise or influence the work.

To provide a knowledge of the risks presented by contact with asbestos and materials containing it.

  • Identifying asbestos: the ‘hidden killer’
  • Asbestos health risks
  • Legislative requirements
  • Dealing with asbestos
  • Emergency procedures
  • Practical asbestos risk assessments

All course materials and refreshments are provided.

On-Site Training

If you would prefer to have the course take place at your business’s place of work please either email or telephone 01493 659026 and one of our dedicated team will be happy to assist you. Please note that on-site training requires a minimum of 6 delegates to be in attendance.

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